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The following agreement is Between, referred to as "", "us" or "we", and you, referred to as "you", which contains the terms and conditions applicable to all approved affiliates of the programme ("Agreement").

1. Our Rights and Obligations

1.1 Customer Tracking

All Customer activity is tracked and audited by, using the affiliate tracking software of our choice. We reserve the right to refuse, close or limit customers’ accounts and activity as we see fit. All customers acquired by an affiliate are tracked and monitored with daily activity uploaded to their affiliate tracking software. This allows sufficient transparency Between and affiliates.

1.2 Customer Qualification

All customers must qualify in accordance with South African legislation as well as’s terms. Immediate customer refusal will take place for underage players, those who already have accounts with, and players registering from outside of South Africa.

Further investigations may reveal additional reasons for non-qualification. Any non-qualifications can be queried with, but once a final decision has been made, no appeals will be entertained.

1.3 Commission Qualification will pay a fixed commission initially, provided the affiliate continues to promote our offering. Should we feel that promotion of our product does not continue in the same manner, we reserve the right to adjust the commission paid, which will be effective from the date the change takes place. Proof of promotion may be requested by Suspension or removal of efforts to promote can result in the affiliate’s commission being stopped.

1.4 Affiliate Program Application

Only approved affiliates will be enabled to run campaigns. Once you have completed the application process it will be moderated. Not all applications will receive feedback, and we reserve the right to contact affiliates at our discretion. All affiliates will be required to accept our terms and conditions prior to running any campaigns.

1.5 Acceptable Brand Use Policy

By agreeing to this affiliate program, you are committing to advertising within the grounds that we deem acceptable for our brand. Below is a list of circumstantial examples that would be considered to be in contravention of our policy.

1.5.1 Spam - Use of unsolicited and/or bombarding strategies which could cause harm to the brand.

1.5.2 Impersonation - Any form of perceived impersonation or assumption of exclusive or official partnership with

1.5.3 Misleading Content - Any content using deceptive strategy, including but not limited to promise of profit, showing a lack of good faith, promoting Betting both sides of a market, limiting risk to claim bonus, or deceptive linking using unapproved creative.

1.5.4 Affiliation - nothing official, with no use of trademarks accepted whatsoever

It is the affiliate’s responsibility to maintain the sites and channels they own. Any neglect that causes harm to the brand will result in possible account closure. If any affiliate is uncertain whether their marketing channels will contravene this policy, they should contact their relevant representative to confirm.

1.6 Prohibited Advertising Mediums

The intention of this program is to avoid cannibalism of specific marketing channels currently utilised by, but rather to expose the brand to channels and sites that otherwise would not be possible without this affiliate program. Explicit examples of prohibited channels for affiliates are:

  • Google Adwords - Any use of brand keywords, or related brand terms that could impact’s performance
  • Facebook - Imitation or use of’s brand is strictly prohibited.
  • Metadata - The use of metatag keywords using any of’s brand or its identity is not permitted.
  • Unsuitable Websites - any websites that deem unsuitable, including but not limited to content aimed at children, pornography or similar, promotion of violence, racism, sexism or illegal activities, offensive to any religion, nation, disability, sexual orientation, or in violation of any intellectual property or breach of any industry advertising codes and practices.

Any traffic redirected from the above channels to will be considered an immediate contravention of our terms and conditions and the relevant affiliate account will be disabled. If you intend to do this, express written permission will need to be obtained from a relevant employee before commencement. Over and above these examples, we reserve the right to terminate any affiliate agreement that we deem to be in conflict of this policy without warning and effective immediately.

1.7 Sub-affiliates

Unless express, written confirmation has been obtained from a representative, no affiliates shall be entitled to offer any other affiliate or additional parties access to run campaigns associated with This program does not grant any affiliate exclusive rights to promote whatsoever, and unless expressly authorised, no benefit from any additional business gained will be owed to the affiliate.

Duplicate accounts and self-referrals are strictly prohibited. Immediate account termination will be enforced in these cases.

Sub-affiliate agreements need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please consult your representative for more information.

1.8 Inactive Affiliates

Inactive affiliates are defined as:
(a) Affiliates who have not sent at least 10 new depositing Customers to us for a period of 3 consecutive months; or
(b) the Net Revenues derived from Customers is less than R2000 for any 3 month period.

If we deem you to be Inactive, we reserve the right to:
(a) delete your Affiliate Account and terminate this Agreement in accordance with clause 2.3; or
(b) decrease the amount of your Revenue Share to no more than 10% for any Customers.

If we notify you of termination and you do not respond within a 30 day period, any funds remaining within your Affiliate Account at the time of freezing will revert to us and you will have no right to reclaim it.
Your affiliate account will remain inactive until you introduce a total of 10 New Depositing Customers within a 3 (three) month period, at which point (effective upon your referral of the tenth New Depositing Customer) your Commission rate will revert to the standard Commission rates.

1.9 Use Of Approved Creative

In order to maintain’s brand equity, no creative (banners, html mailers, editorial columns, images and logos) may be edited or altered in any way. Should there be creative that isn’t available that you would like, please consult your representative.

1.10 Confidentiality And Data Protection

By accepting the terms of this agreement, agree to avoid disclosure or unauthorised use of any confidential information relating to our business, operations, or underlying technology and/or the Affiliate programme (including, for example, Referral Commissions earned by you under the Affiliate programme). This includes the protection of any data used in the promotion of, as well as the potential customers marketed to as part of the affiliate program. has the right to request any proof of opt-in and/or consent relating to databases or users that receive marketing from the affiliate program, in order to ensure any of the prohibitions in clause 1.5 are being adhered to. Any unauthorised use of such confidential information to third persons or outside parties unless you have our prior written consent constitutes grounds for termination. Any costs and damages associated with violation of this will be for the affiliate’s account.

2. Affiliate Commission

2.1 Commission Owed

Commission owing to an affiliate is calculated as a percentage on the net profit of the referred customer. Net profit is defined as all gross monies received by from settled Bets, less:

  • Any winnings paid out
  • Betting taxes
  • Applicable VAT or imposed taxes
  • Bad debts or fraud
  • Returned stakes
  • Bank charges exceeding local transaction fees (mostly related to international transfers)
  • Voids
  • Charge-backs
  • Bonuses

Any positive commission balances owed at the end of the month will be paid, providing a minimum of 10 new depositing customers have been referred in a rolling 3 month period and the net amount owing exceeds R1000. For international affiliates, the threshold is either 1000 USD, EUR or GBP. If there are cases where the threshold needs to be lower, transaction fees may be incurred.

2.2 Payment Method

Affiliates are eligible to be paid through any of the various methods below:

Must send an invoice

  • A nominated account - this is the recommended method, ensuring the fast payout and option to withdraw
  • Bank transfer - please be aware that charges apply, and are dictated by the affiliate’s bank account

Foreign currency calculations will be made using the average exchange for the month using

South African affiliates have the option to use an operator account and withdraw via our website, or make use of standard local payment methods like EFT. Due to high transfer fees, international affiliates will need to reach the minimum threshold disclosed in 2.1 before we can release payment. We encourage an open working relationship to ensure we pay o
n mutual agreement and avoid unnecessary deductions for international transfers. If there are cases where the threshold needs to be lower, transaction fees may be incurred.

Any payments require an invoice to be made out to below before that can be released for payment:

Company Name: Betcoza Online (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Registration Number: 2010/005430/07
VAT Number: 4340256033
Physical Address:
Suite 103
Sovereign Quay
34 Somerset Road
Green Point
Cape Town

2.3 Termination and Consequence

Any affiliates terminated will be required to remove all presence of from their properties. Termination may take place, by either party, with or without reason. Notification of termination via email is considered written and with immediate effect. Termination could occur for various reason, not limited to those already mentioned.

All approved affiliates will be assumed to have viewed and accepted all terms and conditions within this agreement.

2.4 Disclaimer endeavours to provide a consistent, always-on service. We, however, do not provide guarantee this during or outside of promotions being run. No compensation or notice is required by to its affiliates in the event of disruption or error of service for any reason whatsoever.

Failure to act on any clauses of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement at a subsequent stage. No company employees or representatives has any authority to make or to agree to any alterations or modifications to this Agreement or its terms.